Does anyone think the Mariners will be any good this year?


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  • *One Of A Kind* says:

    They’ll be better, but they’ll finish last. Because you have the Angels and A’s who have the best pitching when healthy, and then you have the Rangers who have the best offense in the division. I hate to shoot down your hopes, but I don’t think they will finish anywhere but last.

    They did make some moves in the offseason, but as proven Weaver is a crappy pitcher in the regular season who somehow got good in the postseason, and average pitchers at best to fill out the rotation. They don’t get on-base enough, Ichiro has a OBP higher than the rest of the lineup. And that they didn’t score as many runs, 2nd to last to Tampa.

    Hargrove is on the hot seat, and Bill Bavasi will get canned. And I don’t know if they’ll keep Ichiro, because he wants to play for a winner. And I don’t think Seattle is there right now.

  • rubenherrera88 says:

    Not likely because two very strong teams have finished ahead of them for some time and they better talent than the Seattle Mariners, Sorry but no kidding I still root for them in every game except against the AL West

  • gquestness*MD says:

    I saw their first three games and I plan to listen to or watch the rest of them and hope to go to 4 or 5 games this year. Fans like us will always be there for them. Saw a past clip on TV of Mariners saw Boone and almost forgot about him in the heat of all the changes that have been made. Good or not so good changes we and they are our team….

  • Tyler Witt says:

    No Because They Can’t Play For There Life Except Richie Sexson

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